Invivox, meeting the need for practical 1-on-1 training
Medical and surgical techniques, equipment and products are evolving at an ever faster pace, spurring practitioners to constantly update their practice, to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

Existing training possibilities, be they conventions, UPRs or Master classes, only partially meet their needs, especially in terms of medical practices.

The perfect solution for maximal efficiency is tailored, on-site training alongside expert practitioners - exactly what INVIVOX provides.

Our concept

INVIVOX is a platform that connects doctors and experts, offering access
to bespoke, on-site practical training. INVIVOX involves:
Practical, individualized training: ON SITE. ONE TO ONE
Experts invite fellow physicians to watch them perform procedures in their usual workplace - generally, the operating room.
INVIVOX suggests a choice of recognized, expert practitioners who are open to sharing their knowledge and mastery of the best practices and tools in their field. Experts are chosen by an international, independent Medical Advisory Board made up of specialist physicians from various fields and stemming from the private and public sectors.
Experts upload a detailed description of their proposed training and its modalities to INVIVOX. Physicians who are after a specific training search for it on the INVIVOX website. Invitations to connect and schedules use a straightforward, sophisticated contact and diary management system.

How it works

How training sessions are organized


Physicians enter filters and criteria into the search engine to look for the type of training they want (specialty; specific techniques, equipment or products they wish to use; date; place...). INVIVOX matches up offers and requests, and produces a list of proposals that correspond to available dates, along with training requirements.


A list of expert physicians is referenced on the INVIVOX platform and classified by specialty. Complete profiles, including the content and structure of training sessions, are detailed in customized forms, with corresponding training session dates.


Once a choice has been made, trainees and trainers connect; the training date is organized directly via the INVIVOX website.
Additional Features/Advanced Features/Further Features...
INVIVOX also :
Features an alert system which informs registered practitioners of newly uploaded training modules that might interest them.
Lets physicians who would like to form an opinion about a new medical device or product to get in touch with experts who are already using them.
Connects registered members so they can request training which may not be scheduled.
Allows members to request an INVIVOX search for unlisted training modules.
M targeted specialists worldwide

and perspectives

INVIVOX is already available around the world and will soon be open to every specialty.
INVIVOX optimizes access to training


  • Makes it easier to identify experts in a given specialty
  • Offers a complete selection of training options
  • Streamlines connections between trained and training physicians
  • Expedites the time it takes to connect and organize training sessions
  • Guarantees that doctors from all over the world are able to train with the finest experts
  • In a nutshell, INVIVOX has reinvented the concept of mentoring - the original training method for physicians.
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